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Big Contest on social medias

Let me tell you that we have a plant that is looking for a little family. For the occasion of the opening of our online store we have set up a competition! Our dear Jenna is looking for a family.

Little presentation of our dear lady:

Jenna is a Monstera Borsigiana Albo... Madame likes brightness without direct sunlight and also loves ambient humidity. If you make it climb on a stake with sphagnum moss in its center, it will not hesitate to take root there. The more its roots are in the stake, the more its leaves and fenestrations will be important over time. Have you always dreamed of adopting a Jena at home? Two options are available to you! Fall for its twins Esperanza and Greta available on our site, OR ENTER our competition.

Here's how to participate:

The draw will be made once the Facebook page reaches 1000 members.

Here's how to enter for what counts as 1 entry each time:

Facebook: Like our Facebook page, share this publication AND comment by tagging a person or people of your choice under the dedicated publication on our page

Instagram: follow us on Instagram and share our dedicated post and comment under the dedicated post.

TikTok: Follow us on TikTok, put our video dedicated to the competition in your favorites, like and nominate a person of your choice! (the video will be pinned to the top of our channel).

Maximize your chances when shopping:

Each purchase on our site will result in 3 additional chances to win

Be careful of spam, there are a lot of scams, I would NEVER ask you for your banking information.

The person who won will be mentioned in a specific post and I will invite them to contact me!

I wish you all very good luck

Jenna can't wait to meet her new parents!

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