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Creation of sweater adopts a plant

Are you looking for a nice, light and affordable sweater?

Here are small models that we offer at Adopt a plant!

These three sweater sent directly to you by my supplier based in Asia.

For reasons of saving on shipping costs, I have chosen to take this option which will be much more accessible to as many people as possible and faster.

Their unit price is $39 including delivery.

Delivered to your home within approximately a month and a half. (I remain conservative in giving this deadline to avoid disappointment).

Each cotton hoodie is made from a blend of Cotton and Polyester, I recommend washing cold and air drying to maintain their beautiful appearance.

They are thin and comfortable to wear.

Sizes available will be from small to x-large.

Hoping that you like it dear plantaddicts, I am really happy to offer you designs straight from my head

If it catches on, I'll make other models!

To place an order I invite you to contact me privately via our Facebook page, Instagram account or Tiktok since this is an offer exclusive to my social networks and will not go directly through my site.

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