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New products for the month of September for Adopt a plant

We have good news!!!Here are our news of the month:

We are committed to improving online ease and accessibility as well as the quality of the service we provide.

Here are the important new features brought to our site this week:

-Delivery is now free for all purchases over $350.

-The price of deliveries has been adjusted to a single rate of $20 instead of $25.

-We now have a search bar on our site to make it easier to find your dream plants.

-The entire interface of our site has been redesigned to facilitate navigation on it.

-Now we have two pick-up points in Gatineau

-A blog space was created in order to bring life to our site:it will be perfect for publishing posts about our company's news, advice and more.

-A member area has been created

-The member advantage program was set up to accumulate plantipoints and be able to obtain rewards.

-Our members may have a wish list!

Hoping that you like it!I wish you good adoptions :)

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