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Protect your plants from pests: Thrips

Do you know about preventive biological pest control?

At Adopte une Plante we are not new to protection against pests!

You should know that several insects can be considered harmful to our plants because they alter their condition. While some may be beneficial.

The most important thing is to never panic and learn to identify them.


These are by far the most difficult intruders to combat. There are several types of thrips but overall here are their actions: thrips eat the sap of your plants and end up first causing a lot of irreversible damage to your plants and end up killing them you we are not acting quickly enough .

In case of thrips, no, there is no point in burning the plant and sending it to burn in hell...!

Be patient and follow a strict protocol.

There are lots of ways to get rid of them but here is one that has worked several times at adopt a plant:

First identify affected plants because thrips fly from plant to plant.

Secondly, always put the affected plants in complete quarantine if possible (at least 40 days) away, if this is impossible quarantine your plant in a closed box .

Thirds eliminate as many adults as possible manually or with a mixture of NEEM oil, BLACK SOAP and (or) CASTILE SOAP. Note that this will eliminate adults but not larvae effectively.

Fourth order sachets of SWIRSKII, they are natural predators which act by eating thrips larvae, they act passively for 4-6 weeks as long as they have what to eat.

Fifthly, once the sachets arrive at home, wash your plant of any insecticide before installing your swirskii sachets, as these could be killed by any insecticide or soap on the leaves.

Sixth take a breath and observe your plants while the swirksii army acts for you!

Lately continue to observe your plant and repeat the experience if this was not enough to defeat all the thrips.

Note that this worked at adopte but that swirskiis are constantly used every two months for preventive control. In addition, we recommend that you remain vigilant when you arrive at home after returning from visiting nurseries: thrips are everywhere and can actually find themselves on you and quietly settle on your plants, taking you as their host.

Good luck

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