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Protecting your plants from pests: Mealybug

Do you know about preventive biological pest control?

At Adopte une Plante we are not new to protection against pests!

You should know that several insects can be considered harmful to our plants because they alter their condition. While some may be beneficial.

The most important thing is to never panic and learn to identify them.


These little sheep, which are harmful to our plants, form like little cotton balls on our plants.

These pests are quite resistant but are a little less difficult to eliminate than thrips.

The reason is this: the cochineal grows around a queen who in some way represents the mother of the baby cochineals. The range of reproduction is therefore slower than for thrips and they fly less far. They also feed on the sap of your plants and, however, take longer than thrips to reach the end of their life.

The mealybug is quite easily recognizable by its cottony appearance and also by its specific red color when crushed.

Moreover, cochineal is also used as a red coloring for our food. It often develops on fruits and vegetables and not necessarily only on plants: this is one of the common ways of bringing them into our homes if we are not careful.

Your plants can be treated preventatively with combinations of NEEM oil and CASTILE SOAP. This will be the same product to combat them.

In all cases the affected plant must be quarantined and the others must be monitored to prevent their appearance. If it is impossible for you to isolate your plant from others, do not hesitate to quarantine it in a transparent box.

The prevention and treatment mixture should be applied every week until the adults and larvae have completely disappeared. Showers between two treatments will be appreciated to ensure that the larvae disappear with the water from the shower.

Good luck in your fight against mealybug!

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