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Photo of adopt a plant

My story


Hello I introduce myself, my name is Salomé, Sally for friends.


Six years ago my husband and I  were moving from France to Canada to our wonderful province of Quebec in Gatineau.


It was after this 180 degree turnaround that I realized that my life would never be the same again.


Our immigration to Canada revealed a new person in me, more passionate, more assumed!


My nickname since I was young is Dogmatix, yes like  the little dog in Asterix :).


From this nickname stems my most important personality trait: I am a determined person.

When an idea pops into my head, it's almost impossible to dislodge it until I accomplish it.


The arrival of plants in my life taught me patience, acceptance of the loss of control, and especially to abandon myself completely by focusing on one and the same objective: to take care of my babies as best as possible.


Telling you that I have always had a green thumb would be lying to you: I remain convinced that we are not born with a green thumb, but that it is something that will be acquired through experience and perseverance.


Plants that for me were only a decorative object in a house finally created a click. Impossible for me to turn back: this new passion finally got the better of all the others, I finally became an adictic plant...


What makes me so fond of these gentlemen and ladies from the plant world is the variety of species that exist: there is something for all tastes and all levels.


In my beginnings, like any self-respecting novice, I went all over the place. What took precedence was aesthetics without thinking about their needs.


It was after some time that I understood where my mistake was: plants are living beings which also deserve, like a dog and a cat, that we adopt them with interest. to their way of life and character.


With experience, my tastes have only been affirmed, always in the same direction: learning by making mistakes, improving, giving love while showing patience.


I liked to start -upside down- with an overflowing love for the maranthaceae family (calathea, marantha and cténante), which, let's face it, are not always the best choice for beginners because of their side "drama queen" with constant care needs. Like any plant once understood, they are great.


This discovery of the world of calatheas allowed me to meet new people in the nursery.

I was lucky enough to come across passionate professional botanists who kindly passed on everything they could to me.


This is how my passion was built on solid foundations.


These are also the people who reminded me how much I love to transmit, that's why I will always be the first person to help you if I have the answer to your question.


Subsequently it allowed me to forge links with people stung by the same fervor…with whom we share daily, tips, tricks, moments of joy and pain.


My tastes, my colors and the personal investment in plants have allowed me to assert myself as a person through my passion: each enthusiast pursues his passion as he sees fit.


There are as many enthusiasts as there are types of plants. This is why this field is, in my opinion, so fascinating: it is as suitable for people who are versatile because of its diversity as for people who prefer to focus on a specific species.


Was that moment when research was no longer accumulation, but quality.


Still not changing my nature as a compulsive hoarder, I sorted out and resigned myself to investing in adequate facilities for maintaining tropical plants.


Rare plants are for me the concretization of this journey of experience full of twists, successes and failures.


As a savvy plant addict, I now know 90% of what I want: beautiful, healthy plants.


I thought I would enjoy myself by ordering rare plants from personal imports… life decided otherwise.


Several people around me as well as my half told me that this would not be enough to fill this lush (and invasive) passion.

Here is the path of reflection that it brought: your passion is overflowing enough to share it.


It was then that the idea of opening an online store became THE solution.

It was supported and pampered by my husband that I decided to start.


And what an adventure! This ranges from applying the rules of commercial importation, to finding reliable and quality foreign suppliers, to not sleeping at night in order to choose the best specimens to offer you. From acclimatizing exotic plants at home so that they are ready to arrive at your home to managing social media… so many new steps to take!


Finally doing things the way I would like them to be done for me: conscientiously.


It is after several months of work and intense research that here I am today, naked in front of you without judgment, ready to share my passion and pass it on to you.


I welcome you and find your rare pearl by adopting them!

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