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Return and refund

Each tropical plant that you find at Adopte une Plante is carefully selected and inspected by our passionate care. We are committed to providing you with plants that are not only rare but also healthy and vigorous, guaranteeing their excellent condition when they leave our facilities.


However, due to the delicate nature of plants and their specific needs, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges once the products have left our premises. We cannot guarantee the condition and health of the plant due to external factors such as transportation, post-delivery care and the environment of the destination location. This is the reason why everything our sales are final. This is why we do not practice no refunds or returns. He's from your responsibility ofbe here when delivering the package or picking it up as quickly as possible.


We understand how important it is for you to receive plants in perfect condition.

This is why we have implemented an innovative visual documentation process. When you receive your Adopte une Plante package, we strongly encourage you to record a video when you open the package. This video will serve as visual proof of the initial condition of the plant upon arrival as well as the package.


If you have any concerns about the initial condition of the plant, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible on the day of receipt. We will examine your situation with the greatest attention and take the necessary measures if necessary.

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