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Do you have a question?

Are you looking for a plant that is not in stock?

I invite you to contact us because some of our plants can be ordered especially for you!

Where do our plants come from?

Our plants come mainly from Asia.

How is the acclimatization going?

The plants are received and acclimatized for a period of 1 to 2 months before being put on sale.

How do we deal with the appearance of pests?

We do everything we can to prevent the appearance of pests. Our plants are first towed by our suppliers before shipping.

During acclimatization, these are treated by biological control by predators.

How do you take care of your plant?

Each rare plant has different needs, we invite you to take an interest in it before purchasing. However, here are some tips: Tropical plants need lots of moisture, heat and light. We recommend that upon receipt of the plant, in order to minimize the stress of the trip, to leave it in its original substrate for a period of 15 days. We often post tips on our channel TIKTOK Adoptaplantqc.

What do our plants live in?

The plants are acclimatized in an aroid mix prepared by us or in sphagnum for some. I invite you to consult Acclimatization and maintenance condition.

Do you need advice?

Contact us via Messenger or check out our Facebook, Instagram or TIKTOK page.

how to prepare your plants for this winter?

We recommend that you purchase the heating pack available on our site when ordering to ensure that your plants arrive in good condition. Given the sometimes difficult temperatures, we are not responsible for an oversight on your part.

how are shipping costs calculated?

We have chosen to use a flat fee for each shipment,

What are the shipping and delivery times?

Shipping times are 3 to 5 business days. No deadlines can be guaranteed, in the event of a problem you will be notified.

oh no, your package arrived in a bad condition!

I invite you to contact us as soon as possible and to consult the page Return and refunds.

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